Friday, October 30 • 5:15pm - 6:00pm
Lightning Talks

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This session consists of a series of talks, each 5 minutes long. Here is the lightning talk schedule:

The recent switch lowering improvements - Hans Wennborg, Google

Earlier this year, the DAG switch lowering was rewritten to improve the performance of code generated for switches. The new algorithm always generates balanced trees, is better at finding jump tables, and can exploit profile information. This lightning talk would give a walk-through of the new switch lowering.

ds2, a tiny debug server used with lldb - Stephane Sezer, Facebook

This talk will present ds2, a debug server that we use in conjunction with lldb to do remote debugging at Facebook. It currently supports remote debugging on Linux/android/Tizen and Windows as well as FreeBSD support is under development. 

This debug server's small size and the fact that it depends only on libc++ make it an ideal candidate to include in embedded platforms where space is limited. Source is available here: https://github.com/facebook/ds2

Accelerating Stateflow with LLVM - Dale Martin, Mathworks, Inc., Ramkumar Ramachandra, MathWorks, Inc.

Learn how MathWorks has improved the customer experience for Stateflow users using LLVM for JIT-based simulation. We will discuss how we translate from our high-level IR to LLVM's low-level IR and use it for fast starting, high-performance simulation. We will also discuss a number of challenges and shortcomings we faced with the LLVM infrastructure

Putting Debug Info on a Diet
- David Blaikie, Google Inc

Debug info size is... sizable. Two years ago, Clang's debug info was up to twice as large as GCC's, after 9 months, it was nearly half the size. Where and how did we cut the fat?

Large scale libc++ deployment
- Evgenii Stepanov & Ivan Krasin, Google

This talk presents author’s experience switching a large, quickly changing codebase from libstdc++ to libc++. We list common problems, solutions and ideas for future libc++ improvements.

To LLVM Bytecode Obfuscation and Beyond - Serge Guelton, Quarkslab, Adrien Guinet, Quarkslab

An introduction to LLVM pass building when working out-of-tree, through 3 simple obfuscating passes. Featuring building and using a custom analysis, tracing your passes, and test them with lit!

An Implementation of Swing Modulo Scheduling in a Production Compiler - Brendon Cahoon, Qualcomm

In this talk, we present the implementation and evaluation of a machine level software pipelining optimization pass based on Swing Modulo Scheduling. Our software pipelining implementation improves performance by 20% on a set of image processing kernels.

Integer Vector Optimizations and "Usual Arithmetic Conversions
- Stephen Rogers, Movidius


David Blaikie

Software Engineer, Google Inc.

Serge Guelton


Dale Martin

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Stephane Sezer

Software Engineer, Hudson River Trading

Friday October 30, 2015 5:15pm - 6:00pm PDT
Salon I & Salon II

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